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Learn and memorize foreign words, improve vocabulary.

Learn and memorize English, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish words and dictionaries using web browser or mobile Android app.

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Available dictionaries:
  • Chinese-English dictionary
  • Chinese-English dictionary
  • Chinese-Russian dictionary
  • English-Chinese dictionary
  • English-French dictionary
  • English-German dictionary
  • English-Italian dictionary
  • English-Portuguese dictionary
  • English-Russian dictionary (with images)
  • English-Spanish dictionary
  • French-English dictionary
  • German-English dictionary
  • Italian-English dictionary
  • Portuguese-English dictionary
  • Russian-Czech dictionary
  • Russian-English dictionary
  • Russian-French dictionary
  • Russian-German dictionary
  • Russian-Italian dictionary
  • Russian-Portuguese dictionary
  • Russian-Polish dictionary
  • Russian-Spanish dictionary
  • Spanish-English dictionary

Useful Tools For Your Life

This app is used for help people to reach their success day by day

Are you happy with your vocabulary? I mean really happy with it? Or does it leave you feeling like you’re missing something the rest of the word has a grasp on? Are you intimidated when you hear other people use big, fancy words that you aren’t familiar with? Having an extensive, dictionary-like vocabulary isn’t necessary, but it is good to have an expanded vocabulary. This will not only improve your speech, but your writing as well.

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